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Were You Injured On Business Property Or Another Person’s Property Due To Negligence?

When you enter another person’s or company’s property, you have a right to expect that they maintain a safe environment free of unnecessary dangers or unmarked hazards. Unfortunately, sometimes the carelessness or neglect of a property owner or manager can lead to unsafe situations that can cause premises visitors serious harm. If you or someone you love suffered an injury because of the negligence of another person, you may have a personal injury case.

At McGlone Law, we are passionate about protecting the rights of injured people throughout the Terre Haute, Indiana, area. With over eight decades of legal experience, our skilled Terre Haute premises liability attorneys can help stand up for your rights and recover the compensation you are entitled to.

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Understanding Premises Liability In Indiana

When a person enters a property that is not their own, they enter as one of three different types of visitors. From a legal perspective, any property visitor is one of these categories:

  • An invitee: An invitee is a person invited on the premises by the owner or manager to conduct business. If, for example, a plumber comes to your home to perform a service or a business associate meets you at your office, they are both invitees. This could also include shoppers who enter stores because they are allowed or invited in to make purchases.
  • A licensee: A licensee is someone invited to the premises for nonbusiness related activities, such as a social gathering.
  • A trespasser: A trespasser is a person who enters the premises without invitation.

Regardless of the way in which a person enters a property, they have the right to expect a safe environment.

The level of duty of care required of a property possessor can vary depending on the type of visitor. For example, a property possessor is more responsible for the care of a person they invited to their property than they are to a trespasser who entered the premises uninvited. Additionally, in the case of a trespasser, if the possessor is unaware of the trespasser’s presence, he or she is not obligated to provide warning of any dangers on the property.

Let Our Experienced Personal Injury Firm Help

On the whole, any negligence by the proprietor of a property could cause injury to a visitor, potentially giving rise to a premises liability personal injury case. Property owners and managers have a responsibility to maintain the safety of their premises, and they should be held responsible for any negligence that caused injury in situations such as the following:

  • Dog bites and other animal attacks
  • Slip-and-fall and trip-and-fall incidents
  • Construction site accidents
  • Amusement park accidents
  • Swimming pool injuries
  • Injuries resulting from inadequate maintenance
  • Assault injuries in places with insufficient or incapable business security

Our attorneys are ready to analyze the facts of your case and prepare a compelling claim or lawsuit seeking the compensation that you need after being injured on someone else’s property.

Premises Liability Settlements And Verdicts: How We Can Help

Whether you require support for medical bills, lost wages or lasting physical damages, our Indiana premises liability attorneys will fight for your right to fair compensation that should acknowledge your pain and suffering.

Premises liability cases can be complicated and will likely include filing home or commercial liability insurance, depending on where you were harmed. Our legal team in Terre Haute, Indiana, will stand beside you every step of the way, providing legal counsel and honest guidance. From filing your insurance claims to collecting reparation, our plaintiff’s attorneys are here to assist you. To schedule a free consultation, call 812-650-5584 or send an email inquiry.

Premises liability at McGlone Law are ready to meet with you and get started on your premises liability case.


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