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What to know about boat DUIs

For many, a day spent outside cruising on the water with family and friends is a great way to spend a summer day. However, far too few people know that just like driving a car, if intoxicated, operating a boat can have similar consequences in Indiana. Potential felony...

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Seeking medical treatment for dog bites

Most people think that there's a difference between wild animal bites and pet dog bites. However, bites from domesticated animals are similar to those from wild animals in that they can cause physical damage and transmit disease. Indiana is among the states with the...

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The dangers of loose cargo in your vehicle

If you were in a car accident in Indiana with someone who had loose cargo in their vehicle, then you might be able to hold them at least partially responsible for your injuries. Loose cargo can turn into projectiles in a car accident. What counts as loose cargo? Many...

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Is a fatigued driver impaired?

Many Indiana residents do not get enough sleep each night. When fatigued drivers get behind the wheel, they pose a danger to others on the road. Drowsy drivers have slowed reaction times and can fall asleep while driving, potentially causing fatal accidents....

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